Throughout the Nouncy app we use the phrases ‘supporting a campaign’ and ‘ contribute a post’ to explain how Nouncy works. These phrases both explain essentially the same thing.

Everyone can start a Nouncy campaign. A Nouncy campaign is a public page on which you ask people to help you spread a link on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter). People can support your campaign by ‘contributing’ a message on your campaign page. This means the the supporter writes a message that the owner of the campaign can post to the timeline of the supporter at a later point in time.

As a supporter you give the campaign manager permission to post a one-off message to your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter at a later point in time. You, as a supporter, write the message yourself.

The permission you are giving as a supporter is to post only the exact message you wrote once, to your timeline on the specified social network (Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter) at a later point in time.

Read more about your privacy as a supporter

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