At the last stage of setting up a new campaign, Nouncy will ask you if you want the campaign to be public or not.


A ‘public’ campaign page
Making your campaign public means making it visible and indexable for search engines. If you decide to leave this box checked, chances are that your campaign page gets picked up by Google.

A ‘non public’ campaign page
If you decide to ‘uncheck’ this box, we won’t tell search engines about its existence. This means the campaign page will be hidden, unless there is a public page that links to your campaign.

A campaign page that is not public (leaving the box unchecked) does not mean that other people can not see your campaign. When you share the URL of your campaign page, people will still be able to see your campaign.

When you leave the box unchecked and keep the URL for the campaign page to yourself, it will be (nearly) impossible to find your campaign page. To find your page people will have to guess the URL; an extremely difficult task given the unlimited number of possible combinations.

Finally, when you mark your campaign as ‘non public’ we will never feature it on


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