In the ‘Preview & publish’ tab of your campaigns and your in the analytics overview of your Nouncy account you’ll see a column with the title ‘Hits’.


The number shows you the total number of times people clicked on the links in the social media post that you published through Nouncy. Nouncy adds a unique tracker code to every link that is published, to track the number of clicks on that specific link. So Nouncy can show you who generated the most traffic for you.

For example, I start a campaign and my friend Fred schedules a tweet on my campaign page. After a while I decide to publish the post he wrote to his timeline. Now people that follow Fred on Twitter can see his post. Nouncy counts the number of times people click on the link in his post. If people retweet Fred’s message, the number of hits represents all clicks in all posts that originated from Fred’s post (assuming reposters don’t change his link).


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