The goal of a Nouncy campaign is to spread one and the same link on social media working together with your supporters as a group.

When you set up your campaign, Nouncy will ask you which link you want your supporters to spread. A link will be represented on the Facebook and LinkedIn timelines of your supporters with a ‘link snippet’, consisting of an image, a title and a description. On Twitter an image is always included in the tweet to increase visibility.


When you start a new campaign, Nouncy will ask you which image, title and description you would like to use the create the ‘link snippet’ on Facebook and LinkedIn (see screenshot below). For Twitter things are a bit different. Only the image will be used in Tweets.


Facebook posts

Facebook will show a ‘link snippet’ for the link you set in your campaign. A snippet is a representation of the URL you are sharing. It consists of an image, a title and a description. These three elements work together to entice people on Facebook to click your link. How exactly Facebook will show your snippet will differ depending on a number of factors. Facebook tends not the be very open about what exactly determines how your ‘link snippet’ will look.


You can edit the information shown in the Facebook snippet at any time before hitting the Announce button. To do so after creating your campaign, log in to Nouncy, find your campaign and hit the ‘Edit campaign’ link at the top of your screen.


LinkedIn posts

LinkedIn will also show a ‘snippet’ for your link consisting of a small image, a title and a short description. Similarly to the Facebook link snipper, on LinkedIn the goal of the snippet is to increase visibility and enticing people to click it.




Unlike Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter does not show a ‘link-snippet’ for links in tweets. However, every Tweet sent on behalf of your supporters will contain the image you set at the beginning of your campaign. The goal of the image is mainly to increase the visibility of the tweets of your supporters.





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