You can invite people to contribute posts in your campaign by sending them the link to your campaign page. Here are some tips on how to convince more people to help you.

1. Ask people personally
Asking people to help your campaign works best if you do it personally. Sure, it takes some extra time, but it pays off big time.

2. Kickstart your campaign with posts from your inner circle
We’ve found that getting a first group of supporters helps to convince others to support your campaign. People who know you and what you’re doing are naturally more inclined to help you at the start. So, start out by spreading your ‘preview’ among a first group of friends and colleagues. Go for the people who will definitely help you out, and others will follow.

3. Use the right channels to reach out to the first group
Approach people using the same channels you would normally use to communicate with them, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Hangouts, email.

4. Choose the right moment to chase the big fish
Do not let the big fish (i.e. the people with impressive networks) arrive at an empty campaign page. Wait until your campaign has gained some traction, before pulling them to your campaign page. If they see that a bunch of others have already helped out, the social proof might give them just the nudge they need to contribute.

5. Deploy your marketing channels when your campaign is warmed up
Once you have assembled a good first group of supporters, start targeting other groups: include a link to your campaign in your newsletter, or publish a link to your campaign on your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

6. Show your progress
Once your campaign takes off, publish updates on the progress of your campaign on your social media channels. Regularly posting the preview link on Facebook and Twitter and telling people how many supporters and social reach you’ve already gathered works wonders. You’d be surprised to see people you’d never expect to back your campaign.

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