What link do you want people to share for you?

The first question to answer when you’re starting your first campaign is ‘What link do you want people to share in your campaign?’


Choose a link that you want people to spread on social media. For example:

  • a link to an announcement on your website;
  • a link to your Facebook page;
  • a link to your Kickstarter campaign;
  • a link to the sign up page of your event.

After typing or pasting the link hit the green ‘Okay, next step’ button.


Finetune how your link will be represented on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

When you post a links to Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter ‘link snippets’ will be created. Nouncy allows you to finetune how exactly Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter will show your link on the timelines of your supporters.


To learn more about how you link will be represented on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter: “How will posts look on the timelines of your supporters?“.


Setting up your campaign page

A Nouncy campaign is a public landing page where people can contribute one-off social media post for you to publish to their timelines at a later point in time. On your campaign page you explain what you would like people to post about and why you need their help.


Setting a header image

Setting a header image is optional, but we strongly recommend to do so. Good visuals can help you a great deal in getting your story across. The size of the header varies on different devices and screen sizes. There is no ideal size for your image. As long as it is at least 1500px wide and 500px high you’re quite safe. Make sure the thing you want to show is in the middle of the image to prevent it from being cut off on smaller screens.



Tell people why your supporters should help you: Campaign title and description

Every campaign page has a title, a description and a call to action text. The goal of the page is to convince people to help you out by contributing social media posts. So the title and the description should tell a good story about why they should help. But don’t forget to tell people how they can help!


Call to action

We’ve created an extra text field to a highlight the call to action and get people to hit the buttons. CAll2action

This is what it will look like on your campaign page:



Making your campaign ‘public’

At the last stage of setting up a new campaign, Nouncy will ask you if you want the campaign to be public or not.


Making your campaign public means making it visible and indexable for search engines. If you decide to leave this box checked, chances are that your campaign page gets picked up by Google. Read more about making your campaign public: “What does the ‘This campaign is public’-checkbox do?


Next step: Getting supporters for your campaign >> 


Some examples of campaigns:

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